Daily Vit Immuno Z Plus Tab 30'S + 15'S Caps

Powerful antioxidants and a strong immune booster
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Daily Vit Immuno Z Plus 30 Tablets +15 Soft Caps
• Helps maintain immune health and reduce the severity and duration of cold symptoms.
• 1,000 mg of Vitamin C per tablet to support your immune system, and it is a potent antioxidant.
• Vitamin D is crucial for the activation of immune defenses & helps support strong bones & healthy cognitive function.
• Zinc is essential for immune system function, including immune cell development & communication, and may also help reduce oxidative stresses & inflammatory responses.

• Maintains the health of skin, cartilage, teeth, bone & blood vessels.
• It is used to protect your body's cells from damage.
• Powerful antioxidants and a strong immune booster.

How To Use:
Usually once daily or as directed.

All Active Ingredients:
Zinc, Vitamins D, Vitamins C.

Points Of Interest:
Because it contains Elderberry, which is a diuretic, be careful when you take it if you’re also using medicines that make you pee more.

How to store:
Stores at room temperature.

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