Dalton Anti- Aging Hand Cream 75Ml

A hand cream that provides anti-aging and moisturizing properties and gives your hands a silky soft texture.



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Dalton Anti- Aging Hand Cream 75 ml

Dalton Anti- Aging Hand Cream contains a quick- absorbing formula that helps to moisturize and smooth hands.
It leaves your hand looking even toned as it helps to remove pigmentations.
Dalton Anti- Aging Hand Cream helps to nourish hands and boosts skin metabolism, leaving skin looking healthy.
Dalton Anti- Aging Hand Cream Benefits:
- Removes hand wrinkles.
- Lightens pigmentation.
- Prevents sun spots and age spots.
- Maintains skin hydration.;
Active ingredients:
• Brown alga:
- Protects skin from oxidative stress.
- Protects cells from damage.
- Reduces hyperpigmentation.
- Reduces wrinkles
• Niacinamide:
- Has brightening properties.
- Strengthens our skin barrier.
- Has anti- inflammatory effects.
• Shea butter:
- Has anti- inflammatory properties.
- Has anti- oxidant actions.
- It Soothes and provides deep hydration to the skin.
• Avocado oil:
- Reduces wrinkles.
- Hydrates and softens skin.
- Contains antioxidant agent.
How to use Dalton Anti- Aging Hand Cream:
- Apply a small amount of the cream as needed.
- You can use the cream as a mask:
Apply a thicker layer, put cotton gloves over your hands and leave it to absorb for 15- 20 minutes.
- Size: 75 ml.
- Made in Germany.