Dalton Blemish Sheet Mask 16Ml

An anti-anti-blemish face mask that helps to reduce pimples and soothe inflamed acne as it has powerful anti-inflammatory properties.



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Dalton Blemish Sheet Mask 16 ml

Dalton Blemish Sheet Mask helps to get rid of facial blemishes as it helps to reduce pimples and
It has anti- inflammatory properties that help soothe skin, it additionally helps to control excess oil.
Dalton Blemish Sheet Mask cleanses pores to prevent the formation of acne and blackheads.
Dalton Blemish Sheet Mask Benefits:
- Reduces pimples size.
- Relieves redness caused by acne.
- Soothes inflamed pimples.
- Maintains skin hydration.;
How to use Dalton Blemish Sheet Mask:
- Apply the mask to cleansed skin.
- Leave it for 10- 15 minutes, remove the mask and follow with your skincare products.
- Size: 16 ml.
- Made in Germany.