Dalton Bright Perfection Pigmentation Control Dark Sport Serum 30 mL

A lightening serum that helps to even skin tone and remove pigmentation, giving your skin a flawless appearance.



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Dalton Bright Perfection P/C Dark Sport Serum 30 ml

Dalton Bright Perfection Serum helps to remove pigmentation and dark spots to remove give you flawless skin.
It helps to stimulate skin renewal and it also plumps the skin.
Dalton Bright Perfection Serum soothes and maintains skin hydration, leaving skin feeling fresh.
Dalton Bright Perfection P/C Dark Sport Serum:
- Helps even skin tone.
- Removes acne scars.
- Helps get rid of sunspots.
- Reduces wrinkles and fine lines.;
Active ingredients:
• The Celumer Marine Extract:
- Has an anti- aging effect.
- Provides hydration.
- Nourishes skin.
- Rejuvenates skin.
• Niacinamide:
- Has a lightning effect.
- Removes age spots.
- Reduces Melasma.
• Alpha- linolenic acid:
- Reduces melanin production.
- Prevents hyperpigmentation.
• Red algae:
- Hydrates skin.
- It Soothes and nourishes the skin.
- Plumps skin.
• Low- molecular hyaluronic acid:
- Helps smooth wrinkles and fine lines.
- Gives radiant and healthy- looking skin.
- Protects skin from drying out.
How to use Dalton Bright Perfection Serum:
- Apply in the morning and evening on your face, neck, and décolleté.
- Size: 30 ml.
- Made in Germany.