Dalton Classic Clean Glow & Refine AHA 4% 40 Pads

Exfoliating pads help to improve skin appearance by removing blackheads, minimizing pores, and lightening skin.



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Dalton Classic Clean Glow & Refine AHA 4% 40 Pads

Dalton Classic Clean Pads help make your skin look smooth and healthy by gently exfoliating your skin to get rid of blemishes.
The pads remove dead cells and remove, leaving your skin looking brighter and glowing.

Active ingredients:
Glycolic Acid , Panthenol , Lactic Acid , Citric Acid.


Dalton Classic Clean Pads Benefits:
- Minimize pores.
- Reduces blackheads.
- Improves the appearance of dark spots.
- Unclogs the pores.
- Regenerates skin.;
How to use:
- Use once a day on cleaning the skin.
- Follow with UV- Protection Cream UVA/UVB SPF 50+.

- Size: 40 Pads
- Made in Germany