Dalton Comfort Clean AHA 20% 30 ml

A powerful AHA face peel that helps to regenerate skin cells, leaving your skin healthy and radiant looking.



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Dalton Comfort Clean AHA 20% Scrub 30 ml

Dalton Comfort Clean Scrub helps enhance cell regeneration and repair skin.
It helps get rid of pigmentation and dark spots. Additionally, It improves the absorption of active ingredients in other skin care products.
Dalton Comfort Clean Scrub provides antioxidant protection and helps to slow the aging process.
Dalton Comfort Clean Scrub Benefits:
- Removes dead cells.
- Improves the appearance of tired skin.
- Leaves your skin feel soft and smooth.
- Has anti- aging properties.;
Active ingredients:
• AHAs:
- Exfoliates skin.
- Improves skin texture.
- Removes pigmentation.
- Reduces wrinkles and fine lines.
• Green Algae:
- Have antioxidant properties.
- Relieve inflammation.
- Protect skin cells.
- Improves skin texture.
• Hyaluronic acid:
- Has powerful anti-aging properties.
- Provides deep and long-lasting hydration.
- Leaves your skin appear healthy and smooth.
• Marine Minerals:
- Prevent blemishes from forming.
- Soothes skin.
How to use Dalton Comfort Clean scrub:
- Use 1- 3 times a week.
- Apply a proper amount of the scrub, leave it for 5- 10 minutes then remove.
- Use sunscreen with at least SPF 30 during the day.
- Do not use during pregnancy or breastfeeding.
- Size: 30 ml
- Made in Germany