Dalton Foot Care Nutri Repair Foot Cream 100Ml+Dalton Hand Cream 75Ml 8154050 1637

Moisturizing foot cream for rough and cracked Skin +Non-Greasy moisturizing hand Cream

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Dalton Foot Care Nutri Repair Foot Cream 100ml

The rich Foot Cream nourishes rough and callused skin with intense. It contains marine minerals that help to transport the ingredients into the deeper layers of the skin. Enriched with panthenol, vitamin E, camphor, and bisabol, restore suppleness to cracked feet, regenerate the skin, and protect it against environmental influences. Its creamy texture is easy to
apply and quickly absorbed, without leaving a sticky feeling.


Enriched hand cream with natural oils and vitamins, helps restore and soften skin. marine minerals and calendula extract supplies the skin with intense moisture and leave the skin soft.
It also contains soybean oil, and allantoin, panthenol, which promote skin regeneration and make chapped and dry hands elastic and supple again. The cream is quickly absorbed without feeling greasy, and it leaves the skin smooth and soft.

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