Dalton No Filter Needed Amp 5*2Ml

Ampoules help to minimize pores, fight wrinkles, and protect skin from external factors to give healthy and flawless skin.



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Dalton No Filter Needed Amp 5*2 ml

Dalton No Filter Needed Ampoules provide a distinct variety of benefits to the skin, leaving it flawless and smooth.
The ampoules help protect your skin from oxidative stress and fight all signs of aging.
Dalton No Filter Needed Ampoules plump your skin and give it a natural glow effect.
Dalton No Filter Needed Ampoules Benefits:
- Helps even skin tone.
- Reduces wrinkles.
- Has an antioxidant action.
- Improves skin texture.
- Minimizes pores.;
Active ingredients:
• Brown algae:
- Offer antioxidant protection.
- Prevents premature aging.
- Helps brightens skin and reduces dark spots.
- Promotes the oxygen supply to the skin.
• Spirulina:
- Has an anti- inflammatory effect.
- Protect skin from free radicals.
- Boosts collagen production.
• Plankton:
- Strengthens skin barrier.
- Protects skin against oxidative stress.
- Firms skin.
• Butylene Glycol:
- Keeps skin hydrated.
- Helps soften skin.
How to use Dalton No Filter Needed Ampoules:
- Use one Ampoule twice a week.
- Size: 5×2 ml
- Made in Germany