Dalton Q10 Cell Energy Serum 30 ml

An anti-aging serum that helps maintains skin health by reducing fine lines and wrinkles and protecting from oxidative stress.



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Dalton Q10 Cell Energy Serum 30 ml

Dalton Q10 Cell Energy Serum 30 is an anti- aging serum that revitalizes skin giving it a younger and healthy looking.
It firms the skin and boosts cell regeneration to make the skin appear more radiant and glowing.

Active ingredients:
• Q 10:
- Protects skin against oxidative stress.
- Revitalizes skin.
- Protects skin from UV damage.
- Prevents premature aging.

• Jojoba Oil:
- Gives skin a smooth appearance.
- Nourishes and deeply moisturizes.
- Has an antioxidant action.
- Helps slow the aging process.

• Vitamin E:
- Protects skin cells.
- Has antioxidant effects.
- Maintains skin hydration.

• Japanese Blood Grass:
- Boosts skin health.
- Provides deep hydration.
Dalton Q10 Cell Energy Serum:
- Reduces wrinkles and fine lines.
- Maintains skin hydration.
- Protects skin from free radicals.
- Gives skin a youthful appearance.;
How to use:
- Apply in the morning and evening.

- Size: 30 ml
- Made in Germany