Derma Hydra Pen enhances cellular renewal

Microneedling device that is filled with serum to be injected deep into skin to improve cellular renewal, get rid of acne scars an reduce pigmentation.

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Derma Hydra Pen

Hydra Pen is a microneedling device that is filled with serum to be injected deep into the middle layer (mesoderm) of skin and it is suitable for all skin types.
Hydra Pen is an easy-to-use type of mesotherapy, you can use it for your face and body at home to correct underlying issues like poor circulation and skin damage, help improves cellular renewal and get rid of acne scars and reduce pigmentation, as well as to get the most out of your desired serum by penetrating serum’s ingredients into the skin, which is more effective than applying the serum topically. And you can choose the type of serum depending on the desired outcome you are hoping to achieve through using the Hydra Pen.

• Stimulates collagen production.
• Enhances cellular renewal.
• Improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
• Get rid of acne scars.
• Reduce pigmentation.
• Tighten the skin.
• Treats enlarged pores.
• Increase skin elasticity.
• Reduce cellulite.

How to use:
It is recommended to use Hydra pen on clean, dry skin.
It is used in circular motion on the face, neck and body, once to twice a week.
Avoid under eye area with needles more than 0.5 mm.
You can use any type of serum you want depending on your skin needs.
You can select the degree of needles length that suits you by pressing the button on the device to choose the appropriate number displayed on the digital screen.
Hydra Pen is a 1 in 4 device that act as 4 derma rollers because it can be adjusted to 4 different degrees of needle length. The first degree equals 0.25 mm, the second degree equals 0.5 mm, the third degree equals 0.75 mm, the fourth degree equals 1 mm.
Fill an appropriate amount of the serum inside the container, and make sure that the device is installed correctly, as the part containing the needles must be on the outside part facing the skin.
Needles must be sterilized with alcohol before and after each use.
It is recommended to replenish the serum with each use.
Make sure the device is charged before use.

Points of interest:
• Needles with a length of 0.5 or less are recommended for sensitive skin such as the face and neck.
• It is recommended to use needles with a length of more than 0.5 on thicker skin such as the stomach, back and thighs.
• It contains 2 changeable hydra pen stamps.

• It contains a charger.
• For best results, keep the device clean.
• For personal use only, don’t use it with another person unless you replace the hydra pen stamp and cleaned the device well.
• Avoid use on open wounds.
• Avoid using other products that may irritate the skin after using Hydra Pen.
• Using hydra pen is not particularly painful, but it may leave your skin looking pink\ red after use, this will lessen after a short while.

room temperature.

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