Durex Maxima Silicone Lubricant 50 ml

Silicone lubricant gives a long-lasting effect to relieve dryness during sexual course.



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Durex Maxima Silicone Lubricant 50 ml

Durex Maxima is a silicone lubricant for intimate relations.
Durex Maxima provides deep moisturization for long period.
It helps with vaginal dryness to have an easier and naturally smooth experience.

Active ingredients:



• Durex Maxima lubricant reduces vaginal dryness.
• Can be used with natural rubber latex, polyisoprene, and polyurethane condoms.
• Durex Maxima lubricant gives a long-lasting moisturization effect.;
How To Use Durex Maxima Silicone Lubricant:
• Flick the Durex Maxima cap open and squeeze gently to apply the lubricant.
• Make sure that after you finish, wash the lubricant off with a suitable intimate wash.

Size: 50 ml.
• Made in Thailand.