Riye Electric Mirror with Fan & Light M-003

An electric mirror that comes with a built-in fan and light to simplify the make-up application process

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Riye Electric Mirror with Fan & Light M-003

Riye Electric Mirror is a versatile and functional beauty accessory that makes applying your make-up easier and more professional.
The mirror features a built-in light to provide optimal illumination for your beauty routine.
Riye Electric Mirror is built with a diameter of 7.9" and a height of 13.5" to offer a generous and spacious viewing area.
The mirror also includes a built-in fan that gently blows a refreshing breeze to avoid you overheating while you're working on your skin care regimen.
Riye Electric Mirror possesses touch sensors that allow for a convenient selection between fan and light options.
The mirror comes with a detachable suction cup that provides 5 times magnification for enhanced precision to allow for detailed makeup application or skincare routines.

Riye Electric Mirror Benefits:
• Built-in light that provides illumination for your beauty routine.
• Built-in fan to freshen touch to your beauty and skincare routine.
• Touch sensors allow for an easy selection between fan or light options.
• Compact and portable design for easy placement and travel.
• Requires 4 AA batteries for wireless operation.
• Versatile by combining mirror, light, fan, and magnification in one device.

Direction for use of the Riye Electric Mirror with Fan & Light M-003:
• Follow the instructions found on the packaging of the Riye Electric Mirror.

More information:
• Use the mirror in a safe and stable location to prevent damage.
• Avoid exposing the mirror to water or moisture to prevent
• Do not touch the mirror or its components with wet hands.
• Keep the mirror out of reach of children.

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Store at room temperature