Emoform Sensitive Toothpaste 75 ml

Emoform toothpaste of maintaining sensitive gums

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Emoform Sensitive Toothpaste 75 ml

• Emoform Sensitive Toothpaste Contains mineral salts and fluoride.
• Toothpaste maintains sensitive gums and prevents tooth decay.

Active ingredients:
Mineral Salts, Fluoride.

• Emoform toothpaste is effective in the case of sensitive gum.
• Maintains oral hygiene.
• Prevents tooth decay.

How To Use:
• Suitable for use starting from the age of 6 years.
• Brush your teeth twice daily.

Points Of Interest:
• Having regular dental checkups.
• Keep away from the reach of the children.

Made in:

75 ml

Store at room temperature

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