Eucerin Whitening Body Lotion 250 ML

Repairs dull & damaged skin, strengthens sensitive skin



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Eucerin Whitening Body Lotion 250 ML

Body whitening and toning lotion, Even Brighter Whitening Body Cream.
This lotion works to repair and strengthen the sensitive damaged skin from the inside and helps it to resist damage and future damage and works to unify the color - suitable for sensitive body areas.

* Suitable for sensitive skin.
*Gives you a radiant and even-looking complexion.
* Smoother, more radiant skin.
* Strengthens sensitive skin.
* Bright and even looking skin.
* Radiant skin look.
* Smooth and soft skin.

How to use:

- Apply in the morning and evening on well cleansed body by gently maassaging it into the skin.
- Can also used in senstive areas.

Active ingredients:
vitramin E , Licochalcone

Storage conditions:
Room temperature

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