Eveline Nail Therapy Keratin Pro Conditioner 5 ml

A serum that repairs and strengthens nails and their ends to protect them from cracking

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Eveline Nail Therapy Keratin Pro Conditioner 5 ml

Eveline Nail Therapy Keratin Pro 5 is an advanced formula for intensive nail care to improve their appearance.
It strengthens the nails and protects them from cracking, cracking, and splitting by forming a protective layer that protects them from damage.
The nail serum stimulates the production of keratin, which promotes the growth and renewal of nails.
Particularly for its role in promoting the nails restore their elasticity and natural hydration levels.

Eveline nail serum consists of you
Lemon and eucalyptus oil: It unifies the color of the nail plate to look more attractive, in addition to protecting against dryness and cracking.
Pistacia Intiscus extract and Alium sativum extract: stimulate keratin production, strengthen nails and increase their resistance to breakage and cracking.

Active ingredients:
Lemon Oil, Eucalyptus Oil, Pistacia Intiscus extract and Alium sativum extract

• Eveline Nail Therapy strengthens brittle and weak nails.
• Serum Pro 5 from Eveline helps to unify the color of the nail plate.
• Promotes the growth and flexibility of nails.
• Improves the appearance of nails.
• Eveline Serum protects nails from drying and cracking.

How to use:
It is used two to three times a week.
• Remove nail polish or any oily layer from nails before use.
• Apply a small amount of nail serum to the tips of the nails only.
• Leave for one minute to set.

Point of interest:
• Avoid contact of Serum Pro 5 with the skin around the nail.
• For external use only.
• Avoid contact of Eveline nail serum with eyes.
• Safe on the nail.
• Ideal for use after nail acrylics and nail gels and after removing artificial nails.

Made in:

5 ml

Store at room temperature

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