Eveline Revelash Serum 3 ml

A concentrated serum, contains active ingeridiants that help Helps strengthen eyelashes and increase their density.



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Eveline Cosmetics - Revelash Stimulating Lashes Growth Serum - 3ML

An innovative formula with advanced ingredients that guarantee dazzling effects. It stimulates their length, density, thickness, strength, and growth of new eyelashes and effectively prevents their loss.
It contains bimatoprost, which is consider as one of the most effective compounds for stimulating lashes growth. Biotinoly tripeptide, reinforces lashes and their roots, in addition to pomegranate extract, deeply moisturizes, and nourishes lashes.

Strengthens lashes.
Promotes lashes growth.

How to use:
Use once a day, apply a thin line directly to your eyelashes above the level of your skin.

All Ingredients:
Biotinoly tripeptide , Bimatoprost , Pomegranate extract .

How To Storage :
room temperature.

Points of interest:
Don't apply more frequently than once per day.

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