Eveline Royal Cavier Therapy Day Cream 50 ml

Intensely firming anti-wrinkle night cream, helps reduce the signs of aging while improving skin elasticity.



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Eveline Royal Cavier Therapy Day Cream

A unique blend of caviar, and black orchids, help to promote skin hydration, plump wrinkles, and fine wrinkles.
Caviar is a rich source of vitamins and minerals and protein that stimulates the growth of skin cells, it helps to regenerate the skin by stimulating collagen production. It contains retinol that increase collagen production and gives the skin a healthy and radiant appearance
The orchids contain calcium, magnesium and zinc which are all beneficial to the skin. Not only does orchid moisture the skin it also boosts the skins immunity, reduces fine lines, signs of ageing, and soothes the skin.

Contains SPf 8.
Minimizes wrinkles and tightens skin.

How to use:
Apply to clean skin, then gently massage.

All Ingredients:
Retinol , Caviar , Black orchids .

How To Storage :
room temperature.

Points of interest:
For external use only.
Keep at room temperature.

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