Eveline Slim 4D Slimming Firming Serum Fitness 250ml

Advanced formula, Firms body and burns fats
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Eveline Slim 4D Slimming Firming Serum Fitness 250ml

Slimming firming serum fitness is formulated with wide range of active substances, reaches even deepest layers of adipose tissue, stimulating cells to fat burning and cellulite reduction, in addition to reduce existing stretch marks and prevents new ones.

It contains collagen and pro-elastin improve skin smoothness, and elasticity.
bioSlim-Fitness Complex – has strong firming and anti-cellulite action, actively enhances action of other substances shaping silhouette.
Lipocell-Slim Complex and L-carnitine –help to stimulate microcirculation thus supporting cellulite and adipose tissue reduction.

Helps to get rid of cellulite.
Firms body.

Active Ingredient:
Collagen, pro-elastin.


How to use:
Apply the serum onto body , then massage until fully absorbed.
Use twice daily

250 ml

room temperature.

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