Fair & White Savon Gommant Exfoliating Soap 200 g

Exfoliating soap helps to remove dead cells and impurities
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Fair&W. Savon Gommant Exfoliating Soap 200Gm

Exfoliating soap with apricot seed powder that firms complexion and removes dead cells, in addition to glycerin can increase skin hydration, helps get rid of dryness, and refresh the skin. Suitable for dry skin.

• Helps get rid of dead skin.
• Cleanses skin.
• Exfoliates skin.

How to use:
Apply to face and body as needed.

All Active Ingredients:
Apricot seed powder , Glycerin , , ,

Points of interest:
• Keep out of reach of children.
• Keep at room temperature.

Stores at room temperature.

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