Fillerina Day Cream Grade 3

An anti-aging day cream that lifts, plumps skin and protects it against UV rays.


LABO , Fillerina

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Fillerina Day Cream Grade 3- 50 ml 

Fillerina Day Cream is a daily cream that helps to improve skin health by providing intense hydration, leaving it feeling fresh.
It helps to lift and plump the skin, in addition, it provides a photoprotective effect as it contains SPF 50.
Fillerina Day Cream Benefits:
- Plumps and soften skin.
- Has anti-aging properties.
- Protects skin against sun damage.
- Can be used as a makeup base.;
How to use Fillerina Day Cream:
- Apply in the morning to clean skin.
- Size 50 ml
- Made in Italy