Fillerina Dermo-Cosmetic Filler Lip & Mouth Gel Grade 3

A gel that used to fill and plump the lips in addition to reducing the wrinkles around the lips.


LABO , Fillerina

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Fillerina Lip & Mouth Gel Grade 3- 7 ml

Fillerina Lip & Mouth Gel gives your lips a filler effect as it gives your lips volume.
It also helps recontour lip shape and reduces wrinkles around the mouth.
Benefits of Fillerina Lip & Mouth Gel:
- Plumps lips.
- Improves lips health.
- Gives long-lasting that last up to 3 months.;
Active ingredients:
• Collagen:
- Strengthens skin and improves skin elasticity.
- Improves skin hydration.
- Prevents sagging.
• Elastin:
- Important for skin overall health.
- Firms skin.
- Protects skin barrier.
- Strengthens skin.
• Matrifill:
- Enhances skin elasticity.
- Regenerates skin.
- Gives your skin a plump and smooth appearance.
• Hexapeptides:
- Reduces visible signs of aging.
How to use Fillerina Lip & Mouth Gel:
- Apply 3- 5 times daily.
- Size:7 ml
- Made in Italy