Fillerina Dermo Cosmetic Filler Treatment Grade 1

An anti-aging face kit that help to maintain skin youth and improves its appearances by decreasing all signs of aging.


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Fillerina Dermo Cosmetic Filler Treatment Grade 1

Fillerina Dermo Cosmetic Filler Treatment is an anti-aging package that helps to recontour the face shape, leaving the skin looking younger.
It helps to lift the skin and improves its elasticity to prevent sagging.
Fillerina Dermo Cosmetic Filler Treatment provides intense hydration to protect the skin from drying out.
Grade 1
Fillerina Dermo Cosmetic Filler Treatment Benefits:
- Decreases the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
- Nourish skin and maintains its hydration.
- Firms and lifts;
Active ingredients:
• Hexapeptides:
- Tightens skin and reduces wrinkles.
- Strengthens skin barrier.
- Helps hydrate the skin
• Hyaluronic acid:
- Plumps and firms the skin.
- Deeply hydrates skin.
- Protects skin from dryness.
• Matrifill:
- Make your skin look younger.
- Reduces wrinkles.
- Improves skin hydration.
• Shea butter:
- Helps to nourish and moisturize skin.
- Gives you silky skin.
- Has anti-inflammatory effects.
• Vitamin E:
- A powerful anti-oxidant agent.
- Helps retain skin moisture.
- Strengthens skin protective barrier.
- Protects cells from damage.
• Limnanthes Alba seed oil:
- Has anti-aging power.
- Has a softening action.
How to use Fillerina Dermo Cosmetic Filler Treatment:
- Use the applicator to draw up 2ml of the step 1 gel.
- Apply to wrinkles, cheeks, and lips.
- Let absorb for 10 minutes, pat in with fingertips.
- Apply 2 ml of the step 2 cream by patting it all over the face and neck.
- Repeat nightly for 14 nights.
- Size: The gel is 30 ml, and the lotion is 30 ml
- Made in Italy