Fillerina Long Lasting Day Cream Grade 5 - 50 ml

A day cream that helps to maintain skin youth and provides long-lasting hydration.


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Fillerina Long Lasting Day Cream Grade 5- 50 ml

Fillerina day cream contains a new formula and light formula that is suitable for all skin types.
It helps to stimulate skin regeneration, in addition, it removes scar and acne spots.
- Improves skin texture.
- Provides long-lasting hydration.
- Decreases the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
- Helps even skin tone.;
Active ingredients:
• Elastin:
- Keeps skin tight.
- Prevents sagging.
- Improves skin appearance.
• 12 hyaluronic acids:
- Provide deep and long-lasting hydration.
- Plumps and firms the skin.
- Decreases wrinkles and fine lines.
• Peptides:
- Helps slow down signs of aging.
- Repair damaged cells.
- Firms skin and produce collagen.
How to use Fillerina day cream:
- Apply the cream by patting it all over the face and neck.
- Size:50 ml
- Made in Italy