Filorga Nutri Filler Lips

A lip balm that deeply hydrates and nourishes the lips.



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Filorga Nutri Filler Lips

a lip balm that nourishes and plumps the lips. Contains Shea Butter, it helps sooth and hydrate the lips, Peptide, which restore the lost volume of the lips and redefine the lip contours. In addition to NCTF, a cocktail of revitalizing actives which is associated to an active revealing of shine that revives instantaneously the natural color of your lips.
Points of interest:
Alcohol free.
Parabens free.

Active ingredients:
Hyaluronic acid , Shea butte , Peptides

Hydrating lips.
Replump the lips.

How to use:
Apply generously to the Lips.
Reapply as often as necessary.

Made in:

4 g

Store at room temperature