Futuro Knee Comfort Support With Stabilizers Medium

Provides reliable support to weak or injured knees



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Futuro Knee Comfort Support With Stabilizers Medium 

FUTURO™ Stabilizing Knee Support is comfortable and flexible knee support for stiff, weak, injured, and arthritic knees.
It provides immediate compression for sore knees.
Dual side stabilizers provide extra stability without limiting movement.
Breathable, dual-stretch knit material, and flexible material for comfort.
FUTURO™ Stabilizing Knee Support can be worn under clothing while providing support to muscles around your knee.
Size: Medium
14.5-17.0 inch
36.8 – 43.2 cm
Color: gray

• Supports weak knees.
• It is made from flexible fabric to promote a full range of motion.
• Fits discreetly under clothing.

How to use:
• Follow the instruction and the pictures on the label.

Points of interest:
• If discomfort or pain results, persists, or increases, discontinue use and consult a physician.

1 piece.

room temperature.

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