Genesis Tongue Brush 1 Pc

An ultra-soft tongue brush to clean the tongue without any hurts

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Genesis Tongue Brush 1 Pc

Genesis Tongue Brush is an ultra-soft Tongue Cleaner Brush with a bristle structure that does not hurt your tongue.
Genesis Tongue Brush reaches the deepest of the indented, cracked tissue in your tongue and causes the residues and organisms that cause the bad odor to come to the surface.

• Genesis Tongue Brush effectively cleanses the tongue and helps to get rid of unpleasant odor.

How to use:
Use Genesis Tongue Brush 2-3 times daily after brushing your teeth.

Points of interest:
• Do not press your tongue too much during scrubbing and stripping, as this may cause damage to your tongue tissue.
• GENESIS Tongue Cleaner Brush is 100% original, BPA free.

Made in:

1 Pc

Store at room temperature

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