Gillette Blue 3 Simple 8 Disposable Razors

A specially designed disposable razor for men that features a smooth and comfortable shave that leaves skin soft and moisturized.

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Gillette Blue 3 Simple 8 Disposable Razors

Gillette Blue 3 Simple razors are specially designed for men to provide a comfortable and smooth shaving experience.
It features three closely spaced blades to ensure a smooth and comfortable shave without irritation and without the risk of nicks and cuts.
Gillette Blue also features a head that allows it to follow precise curves, ensuring an easy shave and smooth skin.
It has a lubricating strip over the blades to provide an easy and smooth glide, leaving skin moisturized and soft after shaving.

- Triple blade.
- Moisturizing strip.
- Ergonomic handle.
- Rust resistant.
Benefits of Gillette Blue 3 Simple:
- Glides smoothly on the skin.
- Leaves skin soft after shaving.
- Provides a close shave to reduce the possibility of cuts and nicks.
- Contains 3 blades to ensure a perfect shave.
- One-time use, ensuring sterilization and hygiene.;
How to use Gillette Blue 3 Simple:
- Follow the instructions on the packaging of the Gillette Blue 3 Simple.

- Size: 8 razors
- Made in Poland

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