Haddrells Manuka Honey UMF 22+ 250 g to promote health

Anti-bacterial Manuka honey that promotes health

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Haddrells Manuka Honey UMF 22+ 250G

A 22+ UMF Manuka Honey that is rich in Methylglyoxal (MGO), one of the unique Manuka Honey compounds for your good health and wellbeing.
Manuka honey is one of the rarest honey types in the world, exclusive to New Zealand, this honey contains methylglyoxal, which is known for its anti-bacterial, inflammatory, and antioxidant properties.
It has traditionally been used for wound healing, preventing tooth decay, and improving digestive issues.

Boosts the immune system.
Provides energy.
Improves digestion. 

How to use:
Take one spoon with warm water in the morning. 

Points of interest:
• the only honey prescribed by doctors across the world.
‏• It is clinically approved to increase immunity.
• Not suitable for infants less than 12 months.
• Haddrell's of Cambridge certified UMF Manuka Honey is available in grades of 10+ UMF through to the highest grade of their range, 22+ UMF.
• Higher grades signify higher concentrations of the unique Manuka Honey compounds and potency.
‏• The higher the concentration of MGO, the stronger the antibacterial effect. 

All Ingredients:
Methylglyoxal .

250 gm

Stores at room temperature. 

Made In:
New Zealand