Halita Oral Spray Mint 15 ml 301-H03

A mint-flavored mouth spray that keeps your mouth clean and refreshes your breath.

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Halita Oral Spray Mint 15 ml 301-H03

Halita Oral Spray is an ideal product for individuals who struggle with bad breath.
This spray is the first scientifically proven product that effectively controls mouth odors emanating from the mouth, helping to combat bad breath.
it removes plaque buildup that causes unpleasant odors throughout the day.
Halita Oral contains a refreshing mint scent that helps you to refresh your breath throughout the day.
This alcohol-free spray is also conveniently sized for on-the-go use.
Benefits of Halita Spray:
- Prevents bad breath.
- Keeps the mouth fresh.
- Reduces the growth of odor-causing bacteria.;
How to use Halita Spray:
- Spray 3-4 sprays on the back of the tongue and tonsils.
- Use 2-3 times a day.
- Size: 15 ml
- Made in Spain

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