Hansaplast Universal Strips 20 Pcs

Waterproof wound plasters with a various sizes that help cover and protect wounds.



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Hansaplast Universal Strips 20'S 

Hansaplast Universal Strips to cover and isolate wounds from bacteria, germs and pollutants.
Edges with high adhesion and materials that prevent water from entering to the wounds.
Provides complete comfort when used for long time.
Have a unique texture that allows the skin underneath to breathe.

Features of Hansaplast Universal Strips:
- Water resistant
- Breathable.
- Latex free.
- Hypoallergenic.
- Different sizes.
Benefits of Hansaplast Universal Strips:
- Medical plasters speed up the healing of wounds.
- Provides superior wound protection.
- Keeps wounds clean.;
How To Use Hansaplast Strips:
- Clean the wound well.
- Make sure the wound is completely dry.
- Apply without stretching.

- Size: 20 strips
- Made in Spain