Hema Gel 15 g

A gel that helps to accelerate healing wound

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Hema Gel 15g

Wound treatment is disrupted by free oxygen radicals that automatically form at the site of injury. They potentiate inflammation in the wound and hamper the whole healing process.
Hemagel is the only hydrophilic gel with an inbuilt scavenger of these radicals. This fundamentally accelerates the treatment of wounds.
Once Hemagel® is applied, an elastic layer forms on the surface of the wound. This absorbs free oxygen radicals and eventually any secretions or fluids from the wound.
At the same time, this layer prevents the formation of a scab and supplies a sufficient amount of humidity.
The unique gel technology prevents adherence to the wound, resulting in its rather easy removal that is painless – simply through mild wiping or rinsing.

Active ingredients:

Methacrylic acid.


Hema gel helps to
- Reduce the pain of skin trauma.
- Promote wound healing after surgery.
- Reduce the symptoms of dermatitis pain.
- Improve the healing of pimples.
- Promote the healing of herpes wounds.
- Reduce wound infections.
- Promote healing of different types of burns.
- Promote healing of diabetic foot ulcers.

How to use:

1- Clean the wound to remove impurities before using Hema gel.
2- Spread a thin gel layer over the entire area of the wound’s
4- Apply a thin layer of Vaseline.
5- Place with a bandage or a square gauze
6- Change of the bandage should be carried out as needed, every 12 - 48 hours depending on the wound condition.
Or as prescribed by your doctor.

Point of interest:

- Hema Gel is suitable for all patients, pregnant and breastfeeding women, children, and infants.


15 g.

Store at room temperature