Hyaline Eye Drop Vials 28'S * 2 ml

Used to relieve dry, irritated eyes

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Hyaline Eye Drop - 28 Sterile Vials × 2 ml

Hyalin eye drops contain a natural biological substance called Sodium hyaluronate 0.2 %, which protects, moistens, and lubricates the surface of the eye for prolonged relief of discomfort.

Hyaline Eye Drop Reduce dry eye symptoms including:
• Morning eye dryness
• End-of-day dryness
• Irritations due to dryness
• LASIK dryness
Active Ingredient:
Sodium hyaluronate.
Side Effects:
• The eye drops can occasionally cause mild eye irritation, but this usually soon passes and not everyone will experience it.

• When first put in, eye drops may cause blurred vision. This should quickly be clear. Make sure you can see clearly before you drive or use tools or machines.
• Do not wear soft contact lenses while you are using the drops unless your doctor or pharmacist has advised you otherwise.
• If your symptoms do not improve within a few days, see your doctor for advice.

• If you are using any other eye drops or ointments, leave about ten minutes between applying each one. It is usually recommended that you use the sodium hyaluronate drops last. This is so that the drops stay in contact with your eye and lubricate it for as long as possible.

How to Use:
• The usual dose is to apply 1 drop in the corner of the eye, nearest the nose, 3 to 5 times each day, or as required to give enough lubrication.
• Ensure the dropper tip does not touch any surface including the eye surface.
• Dry eye is a condition that varies from person to person.
• Use the drops as often as you think it's necessary.


28 Vials × 2 ml

How To Store:

Stores at room temperature

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