Intimix Advance 60 Capsules increase male fertility

It is a natural testosterone booster that help maximize muscle growth and increases drive and vitality, increase strength, libido and fertility for men.



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Intimix Advance 60 Capsules

Intimix Advance is a 100% natural formula designed for men who want a serious testosterone boost in their life and it maximize muscle growth and increases drive and vitality.
It contains Fenugreek that help increase testosterone and sperm levels. L-arginine help to build muscles and improve male fertility. Maca can help increase sperm concentration and improve sperm quality and increases sexual desire.

• Boost testosterone.
• Maximize muscle growth.
• Help increases drive and vitality.
• Increase libido.
• Improve male fertility.
• Improve sperm quality.

How to use:
Take 3 capsules daily with water on an empty stomach.

All Active Ingredients:
Zinc , Vitamin B6 , Vitamin B12 , Niacin ( Vitamin B3 ) , Fenugreek , L-Arginine, Maca extract, L-Carnitine

Points of interest:
• This product should not be taken by women.
• For adult use only.
• Do not exceed recommended dose.
• Consult a doctor if you have a serious medical candition or use prescription medications.
• Store in a cool, dry place.

room temperature.

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