ISDIN 4in1 Micellar Solution 400 ml

A micellar makeup remover solution provides 4 benefits in one product; Remove makeup, cleanse the skin, unify its color, and deeply moisturize it. ​



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ISDIN 4in1 Micellar Solution 400 ml

Micellar solution from ISDIN is your ideal choice for removing makeup, as it provides you with 4 benefits in one product.
The solution removes makeup easily in just one step, even the most waterproof types.
In addition, it cleanses the skin well, unifies skin color, and moisturizes it deeply, giving it a radiant appearance.
ISDIN Micellar Solution has a watery consistency and natural ingredients that give it the ability to penetrate the skin quickly and effectively.

Active ingredients:
Hexylene Glycol, Betaine, Polyglyceryl-4, Glycerin, AS3.

Benefits of micellar solution from ISDIN:
- Removes makeup easily even water-proof makeup.
- Cleanses and purifies the skin.
- Reduces pores and unifies skin tone.
- Deeply moisturizes the skin.
- Suitable for all skin types.
- Provides 24 hours of hydration.

How to use:
- Apply ISDIN micellar water to a clean cotton pad, then wipe your face and neck gently in the morning and evening.

More information:
- Alcohol- Free.
- Free of perfume.
- Soap-free.
- Made from natural ingredients.

Made in: Spain.

Quantity: 400 ml.

Store at room temperature.

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