Johnson's Baby Cotton Buds 100'S

Multi-functional cotton buds that can be used for cleaning babies' delicate and small areas.



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Johnson's Baby Cotton Buds 100'S

Johnson's baby cotton buds are made of pure and soft cotton that is gentle on the skin.
The cotton buds are multi-functional since they can be used to clean the outer ear and remove earwax and dirt to protect it from infection.
Johnson's baby cotton buds help greatly when applying and adjusting makeup accurately for a more attractive final look.
The cotton buds are suitable for the use of children and adults.
- It can be used for adults and children.
- Helps to fix and remove make- up
- Can be used to dry the area between the baby's fingers and toes.;
How to use cotton buds for children:
- Gently use Johnson cotton buds to clean the outer area of the ear.
- Avoid inserting cotton buds into the ear canal or nose as it can lead to injury or damage.
- Size: 100 sticks
- Made in Italy