Johnson's Anti-Bacterial Micellar Hand Wash Lemon 300 ml

An antibacterial, sterilizing micellar hand wash that provides deep hydration and ultra-softness, all while leaving a refreshing lemon scent



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Johnson's Anti- Bacterial Micellar Hand Wash Lemon 300 ml

Protect your skin from bacteria and inflammation with Johnson body wash.
It cleanses your skin without stripping its moisture, leaving your skin soft and smooth.
The Micellar technology helps to skills germs and protect your skin.
Its Lemon fragrance leaves you feeling fresh and clean.

Active ingredients:
Citric Acid, Sodium Hydroxide, Sodium Benzoate.


Benefits of Johnson's Anti- Bacterial Micellar Body Wash:
- Suitable for the whole family.
- Protects skin from dryness.
- Protects skin's natural Barrier.
- Keeps your skin healthy and clean.;
How To Use Johnson's Anti- Bacterial Micellar Hand Wash:
- Put the foam on your wet hands, then wash them well with water.

- Size: 300 ml
- Made in Italy