Johnson's Baby Jelly Fragrance Free 100 ml

A Jelly that helps to maintain babies' skin hydrated and protected, leaving it feeling soft and healthy.



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Johnson's Baby Jelly Fragrance Free 100 ml

Johnson's Baby Jelly helps to protect your baby's skin and prevents nappy rash by creating a protective barrier.
It maintains skin health by locking in moisture, leaving your baby's skin feeling soft.
Johnson's Baby Jelly is formulated with a hypoallergenic formula that does not contains dyes or paraben.

Active ingredients:
Petrolatum, Isoparaffin.


Benefits of Johnson's Baby Jelly:
- Keeps the skin dry.
- Soothes and calms the skin.
- Suitable for newborn baby skin.
- Nourishes the skin.;
How To Use Johnson's Baby Jelly Fragrance Free:
- Apply an appropriate amount of it to your child after bathing.
- You can also use it when changing nappy to prevent diaper rash.

- Size: 100 ml
- Made in South Africa