Johnson's Cotton Make Up Rounded Pads 80'S

100% pure cotton pads are multi-use and very soft and gentle on the skin



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Johnson's Cotton Make Up Rounded Pads 80'S

Johnson's Cotton pads are made of 100% pure cotton that is very gentle and soft on your skin.
These cotton pads help you to remove your makeup easily without causing irritation or redness.
Johnson's cotton pads come in a unique bag that protects them from contamination. This means that when you use these pads, your skin is protected from inflammation and infections.

Features of Johnson's Cotton Pads:
- Made of 100% pure cotton.
- Highly absorbent.
- Easy to use.
- Hypoallergenic
Benefits of Johnson's Cotton Pads:
- Can be used to remove nail polish.
- Can be used to apply the toner.
- Will not leave cotton residue on the skin.
- Gentle on the skin.;
How to use Johnson's Cotton Pads:
- Apply an appropriate amount of makeup remover, nail polish remover, or skincare product onto the cotton pad. Then, wipe the desired area thoroughly.

- Size: 80 pads
- Made in Italy