Johnson's Extra Sensitive Wipes 168'S 2+1 Offer

Gentle wipes that can be used to clean babies delicate skin without causing irritation or inflammation.



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Johnson's Extra Sensitive Wipes 168'S 2+1 Offer

Johnson's Extra Sensitive Wipes are specially designed to provide the utmost care for your newborn baby's delicate skin.
Unlike other wipes, Johnson wipes formula is completely free of allergens and irritants and contains 98% pure water, ensuring safety and comfort to your baby's skin.
You can use Johnson wipes to clean all parts of the body, including the diaper area and face.

- Contains Vitamin E.
- Alcohol- free.
- Free of dyes.
- Free of fragrance.
- Hypoallergenic.
Johnson's Extra Sensitive Wipes Benefits:
- Effectively cleanses the skin.
- Keep skin hydrated.
- Gentle on the skin.
- Will not cause irritation or inflammation.
- Suitable for face and body.;
How to use Johnson's Extra Sensitive Wipes:
- Use Johnson's Extra Sensitive Wipe to clean your newborn's skin

- Size: 168 wipes
- Made in Germany