Joy Drops Herbal Personal Lubricant Gel 100 Ml 13 prevent dryness

It is a herbal lubricant gel that help prevent dryness.

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Joy Drops Herbal Personal Lubricant Gel 100 ml

Joy Drops Herbal Lubricant helps to prevent the symptoms of genital dryness. While ensuring lubricity, it provides you to have better sexual experience. It also moister the region due to herbal glycerin.

• Prevent genital dryness.
• Increases lubricity.
• Moisture the region.

How to use:
The required amount of gel is applied genital area before sexual intercourse.
It can be easily rinsed after the intercourse.

All Active Ingredients:
Glycerin , Hydroxy ethyl Cellulose , Citric Acid , ,

Points of interest:
• If any side effect is noticed, stop the product usage immediately.

room temperature.

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