Kathy Dallas Anti-Wrinkle Package

kathy dallas k2d 28 softiner 30 ml,kathy dallas k2d 18 plasenta plus serum 30 ml,Kathy Dallas KD-12 Skin Repair Cream 56 Gm

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athy Dallas Wrinker Softener 30 ML serum

Kathy Dallas Wrinker Softener serum is an effective formula rich in collagen, hyaluronic acid, and Aloe Vera. This product can regenerate the skin.
Kathy Dallas Wrinker Softener serum can refill the firming of wrinkles and aging lines.

Kathy Dallas Placenta Plus Serum 30 ML
Serum with an advanced formula rich in collagen, Aloe Vera, and hyaluronic acid. It has triple action filling, firming, and moisturizing the skin.
This serum helps to fight the aged marked into the skin and restore vitality and youth.
That will give the woman comfort and look great all day or all night long.
This product texture has the potential to provide more visible results like quickly absorbing into the skin, protecting skin from free radicals and environmental effects, and feeling light to the skin.

Kathy Dallas repair skin cream 56 Gm
Cream rich with natural active elements that provide all ingredients to produce Vibrant and rejuvenated skin.
This product can remove the scars from acne, freckles, and pigmentation in the skin.

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