Khesla Sleep Package For Beautiful Hair And Glowing Skin - White

A complete sleeping set consists of a pillowcase, hair tie, and a sleeping mask, all made with high-quality silk in a beautiful white color.

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Khesla Sleep Package For Beautiful Hair And Glowing Skin - White

Khesla Sleep Package contains the finest quality silk for the sleeping set.
It contains a silk pillowcase, a silk sleeping mask, and a silk hair tie.
The delicate silk fiber gives you a comfortable and smooth touch.
It has many different benefits for healthy hair and skin.

- Use hand washing or gentle machine washing to clean the silk pillowcase.
- It is recommended to use air drying after you wash the silk pillowcase.
- Do not wash the silk fabric in hot water, this will cause shrinkage.
Benefits of Khesla Sleep Package:
- The sleeping package help reduce tangles.
- Reduces hair breakage.
- Prevents flyaway.
- Helps to reduce hair loss.
- Protects from hair frizzing.
- Leaves the skin hydrated.
- Helps to keep the skincare products stay on your face while sleeping.
- Silk is gentler on your skin than other types of fabric.
- Prevents the accumulation of dust on the pillow.
- Reduces acne and skin irritation.
- Improves your sleep quality.;
How To Use Khesla Sleep Package:
- Use the silk pillowcase to cover your pillow.
- Make sure to wash the pillow when needed.
- Cover your eyes with the silk sleeping mask for calm and deep sleep.
- Tie your hair with the silk hair tie as you like.
- Make sure to untie your hair while sleeping.