Kidz Appetite & Energy 120 mL

This Syrup is recommended for toddlers to preteens that stimulates appetite, provides energy and improves digestion

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Kidz Appetite & Energy 120ml Syrup

Kidz Appetite and Energy Syrup is derivatives from natural herbal extracts that are recommended for toddlers to preteens, to stimulate appetite, help digestion, and fight fatigue.
It helps to increase appetite, promote weight and provide energy needs for children activity.
It can fight fatigue and feel tired of a child through maintaining demineralization.
It also plays role in the healthy digestive system.

The benefits of ingredients work on:
Avena sativa: treats Appetite disorders, fatigue, convalescence.
Gentiana lutea: treats Intestinal atony, improves appetite.
Zingiber: treats Digestive atony, nausea.
Calcarea phosphorica: treats Lack of appetite, growth disorders, tired children and adolescents, fatigue, and asthenia.

• Stimulates appetite.
• Weight gain.
• Provides energy.
• Improves digestion.
• Fights the fatigue.

Active ingredient:
Avena sativa , Gentiana lutea , Alfalfa , Zingiber , Hydrastis.


  • Weight gain.
  • Increase appetite.

Points of interest:
• If lack of appetite persists longer than 3 weeks, consult a healthcare practitioner.
• Lack of appetite may be a symptom of an underlying medical condition.
• No known incompatibility with other medicines.

Direction of use:
2 to 4 years old: ½ teaspoon, twice a day before meal.
5 years and older: 1 teaspoon, twice a day before meal.

120 mL

Dosage Form:

room temperature.

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