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Oral solution is recommended for teething and associated symptoms. Drops with a distinctive strawberry flavor strengthen immunity, bones, and teeth, as well as support the healthy growth of children. Helps soothe the discomfort and irritability associated with teething in infants.

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Kidz Teething 25ml

Kidz Teething is oral drops that help infants during the teething period.
Provides pain relief and has gastrointestinal effects. It has anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects.
The benefits of ingredients work on:
Plantago: treats dental neuralgia with acute and intolerable pain and hypersalivation.
Belladonna: decreases fever and local inflammation with hyperesthesia (redness, pain, heat).
Calcarea phosphorica: treats slow tooth development, teething disorders with diarrhea.
Chamomilla: Great remedy for children; prevents intolerable pain, diarrhea, crying, and anger.

Dayonix Kidssi Vitamin A+D+C 30 Ml

Dayonix Kidssi Drops with a distinctive tangerine flavor, rich in vitamins that enhance children's overall health

It contains:
Vitamin D: Enhances the absorption of calcium and phosphorous, and maintains calcium concentrations in the blood, which helps to strengthen bones and teeth As well as support the healthy growth of the child.
Vitamin A & C: Enhance the functions of the nervous system and nerves, In addition to strengthening the body's immunity and preventing diseases.

H&N Teething Gel - 50 ml

• Cydonia H&N Teething gel helps soothe the discomfort and irritability associated with teething in infants.
• Formulated with emollient and softening Chamomile flower extract, and soothing Propolis, Fennel oil, Peppermint oil, and Lavenderو, All these essential oils work to calm the baby's discomfort and relieve pain.
• Massaging H&N teething gel into the gums helps your child get through this uncomfortable time

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