Kin Baby Nasal Aspirator

A handheld device designed to remove mucus and congestion from a baby's nose using a gentle suction method.

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Kin Baby Nasal Aspirator

Kin Baby Nasal Aspirator is an essential tool for parents who want to provide relief for their congested infants.
The handheld device is designed to remove excess mucus from the baby's nose in a painless, hygienic, and effective way.
Kin Baby Nasal Aspirator uses a gentle suction method that is adjustable to avoid causing discomfort to the baby.
The aspirator comes with interchangeable tips, which can be used to maintain hygiene and or use for more than 1 baby.

Kin Baby Nasal Aspirator Features:
- Three disposable interchangeable nozzles.
- Easy- to- use.
- Can be cleaned easily.
- Portable and can be used anywhere.


Kin Baby Nasal Aspirator Benefits:
- Removes excess mucus from baby's nose
- Provides painless and hygienic relief for congested infants
- Uses adjustable suction to ensure baby's comfort
- Can be used at any time to provide immediate relief
- Easy to clean and maintain for ongoing use
- Portable and compact, making it convenient to take on-the-go
- Helps improve breathing and sleeping for your baby.;
How To Use Kin Baby Nasal Aspirator:
- Kin Baby Nasal Aspirator can be used as often as necessary to remove excess mucus from a baby's nose.
- To use the aspirator, the baby should be placed comfortably and safely on its back.
- The disposable applicator should be inserted into the central part of the aspirator, and the tip of the applicator should be gently inserted into the nostril to aspirate the mucus through the nozzle.
- This process should be repeated on the other nostril before removing and discarding the applicator.
- To increase the fluidity of the mucus, a previous nasal wash with a physiological saline solution can be performed.
- Note: An absorbent filter in the device prevents the baby's secretions from reaching the suction tube and nozzle, preventing any possibility of ingestion.

- Size: 1 piece.
- Made in Spain