Koleston Maxi 302/0 Natural Black Bogof

KOLESTON Hair Color Tube With Oil Replacement Expert Intense Color And Full Of Shine

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Koleston Maxi 302/0 - Natural Black

• Wella Koleston gives you truly perfect, intense, and vibrant color results.
• Koleston provides intense color covers even the most resistant grey hair perfectly and durably offers a wide range of intense shades.
• Koleston Hair Color Creme gives you unstoppable color intensity for up to 8 weeks.

• Easy To Use And Does Not Drip.
• Covers Even The Most Resistant Grey Hair Perfectly And Durably.
• Provide Your Hair With Luscious Color Full Of Powerful Shine.
• Conditions Your Hair With Oil Replacement.

How To Use:
1- Preparation Of Coloring Emulsion:
• Press The Content Of The Tube Into A Non-Metallic Dish (Plastic- Glass Or Porcelain) Then Add The Developer Fluid And Mix The Two Ingredients With A Coloring Brush Until A Homogenous Coloring Emulsion Is Produced.
• Please Apply The Emulsion To Your Hair As Soon As You Have Finished
• Mixing It To Achieve An Optimum Coloring Result.

2- Application Of Coloring Emulsion:
• For First Coloring, The Coloring Emulsion Is Applied To Unwashed Hair Strand By Strand, Using The Coloring Brush.
• Please Make Sure That You Do Not Miss Any Parts. Then Comb Your Hair Through With A Wide Toothed Comb To Achieve Even Distribution Of The Coloring Emulsion In Your Hair.
• For Root Coloring Make Partings In Your Hair And Initially Apply The Coloring Emulsion Parting By Parting Only; After Allowing A Soaking Time Of 20 Minutes, Comb The Coloring Emulsion Evenly Right Down To The Ends Of Your Hair.

3- Soaking Time:

• The Soaking Time Is 30 Minutes; For Root Coloring, It Is 20 Minutes For The Roots And Another 10 Minutes For The Whole Of Your Hair.
• The Color Of The Color Emulsion May Change During The Soaking Time.

4- Finishing Treatment:

• Condition With Oil Replacement Cream
• Rinse Until Water Runs Clear (Using Shampoo Is Not Recommended).
• Apply The Oil Replacement Sachet.
• Leave On For 2 Minutes And Rinse Again.

Points Of Interest:
• Allergy testing instructions should be carried out 48 hours before you color your hair.

room temperature.

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