LA Roche Physiological Foaming Water 150mL

Water Cleanser Make-Up Remover For Sensitive Skin.



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LA Roche Physiological Foaming Water -150ml

• Physiological Foaming Water gently cleanses makeup from sensitive skin.
• Physiological Formulation Charter: cleansing agents selected for optimal tolerance, high makeup removing power.
• La Roche-Posay Thermal Spring Water: The soothing, softening power of a water naturally rich in antioxidant Selenium.
• Glycerin: Glycerin has moisturizing properties. It treats dry and flaky skin problems by absorbing its own weight in water over the course of a few days, leaving skin moisturized and hydrated.

Active ingredients:
La Roche-Posay Thermal Spring Water, Glycerin, Selenium.

• Formulated with polymers stemming from medicated eyewashes.
• Micellar Foaming Water gently cleanses your skin.
• Alcohol-free, it respects its physiological balance.

How To Use:
• Apply to damp skin, massage with the fingertips in circular movements, then rinse thoroughly in warm water.
• Then apply Soothing Lotion Sensitive Skin to complete the make-up removal.

Points Of Interest:
• Soap-free.
• Alcohol-free.
• Colorant-free.
• Paraben-free.

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