Lacalut White & Repair Toothpaste

A whitening toothpaste that helps maintains oral hygiene and strengthen the enamel.

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Lacalut White & Repair Toothpaste 75 ml

Lacalut toothpaste maintains oral and dental health, whitens tooth stains, and prevents cavities.
Whitening toothpaste reduces the accumulation of plaque and food residues that cause cavities.
Lacalut whitening toothpaste helps lighten the stains that appear on the teeth and remove dirt.
It contains aluminum lactate protects against gum infections, cleanses the mouth and teeth, and expels harmful bacteria.
Lacalut repairing toothpaste remineralizes teeth and protects them from acid attacks.
Benefits of Lacalut toothpaste:
• Prevents plaque buildup.
• Whitens teeth and removes stains.
• Remineralizers teeth.
• Reduces tooth decay.;
How to use Lacalut toothpaste:
- Use the toothpaste two to three times daily.
- Size: 75 ml
- Made in Germany