Laica Dental Water Jet PC4003

The water device helps to clean the teeth and does not damage the gums

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The LAICA PC4003 Water Flosser helps to clean food debris stuck between teeth, doesn't damage the gums, and can be used for individual braces. Helps prevent stomatitis, bad breath, and tooth decay.

- There are 3 modes of operation: Normal (Normal), Light (Soft), massage (Pulse).

- There are 04 heads for replacement according to each mode (2 basic heads, 01 blade cleaning head, 01 head for benefit).Large 1400mA of battery capacity, rechargeable.

- Large water tank capacity: 200 ml.

- IPX7 waterproof standard helps to confidently use, wash the brush under the tap. (Note the need to close the charging position cover).