Lansinoh Glass Feeding Bottle With Natural Wave Slow Flow 160 ml

A glass feeding bottle that helps feed the baby easily and comfortably

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Lansinoh Glass Feeding Bottle With Natural Wave Slow Flow 160 ml

Lansinoh Feeding Bottle helps maintain established breastfeeding patterns.
It is specially made to combine breast and bottle feeding.
The soft and flexible teat helps the baby feed comfortably and can easily switch from breast to bottle and back again.
The Natural Wave Peristaltic teat encourages the baby's ' wave-like ' tongue movement to mimic the natural sucking style.
Lansinoh Feeding Bottle has an Anti-colic Air Ventilation System (AVS) that reduces the intake of air to help relieve colic and stomach pain.
- Slow Flow

• Lansinoh Feeding Bottle helps the baby feed comfortably.
• Soft flexible silicone teat mimics natural breastfeeding.
• Wide, textured teat base for easy latch-on.
• Easy to assemble and clean.

How to use:
Feed your baby the formula after cooling it to approximately body temperature.

Points of interest:
• Exclusive breastfeeding is recommended for the first six months of a baby's life.
• Wash and sterilize all parts after every use.
• Change the nipple when it is damaged.

Quantity: 160 ml.

Store at room temperature.